SWWDGA Reorganization Zoom Meeting

The Southwest Washington Dairy Goat Association (SWWDGA) is one of the oldest clubs in the US, having been established in 1926.

We put on an annual ADGA Sactioned Dairy Goat show at the SW Washington Fairgrounds in Chehalis, WA.

Our members support various Youth and Agriculture related activities during the year. We financially support the Goat divisions of the Spring Youth Fair and SW Washington Fair’s 4-H Goat show. 4-H workshops for Showmanship and Judging are held to help encourage new goat projects.

We also support meat goat projects and donate money towards the 4-H market sale.

Adult members supply animals for various displays supporting Agriculture when requested. We contribute to the success of the SW Washington Fair by decorating the Barn area with educational displays as well as supplying the volunteer help to run a successful show. Additionally our members are always happy to answer questions for new goat owners.


July 28th , 2020  8PM


The short meeting was held over ZOOM (teleconferencing) on July 28, 2020 at 8PM.  Several announcements were made by emailing members and posting on Facebook to ADGA District 7 and to the SWWDGA accounts.

The purpose of the meeting was to Reorganize SWWDGA and elect new Offers.  Thanks to those that stepped up into positions so that the club could continue to move forward.

            President = Melinda Lupe Bratsch-Horsager

            Vice President = Kris Hafey

            Secretary = Ashlee Tarbox

            Treasurer = Judi Hoy

            Director = Leroy Satter

            Director = Mark Baden (term expires 2021)

            Director = Vacant

Any one that would like to take the vacant Director position, please contact the club via email:  contact@SWWDGA.com

Those in attendance were:  Jody Ashton, Mark Baden, Cassie Engle, Kris Hafey, Judi Hoy, Bill Moomau, LeRoy Satter, Ashlee Tarbox, Penny Whithorn, Moe Moelhman


Ashlee Tarbox

SWWDGA Club Secretary

PO Box 486

McKenna, WA 98558