May 2021 Show Fundraiser Raffle

 Hosting a livestock show in a COVID world proves to be a challenge.  Many sites have been contracted as " Mass Vaccination Sites" and so clubs have had to find new locations for their shows. Along with relocating to new venues, there are further expenses to overcome. We now have to absorb the cost of hand washing stations, sanitizer, cleaning wipes, ect. in order to be compliant with COVID rules.  All these things make it a bit harder to see this through. However, we are undaunted by the task and our show will go on! This fundraiser will help us cover those last little costs as well as make up for the deficit of the increased rental of the new venue. We hope this show is the best one in SWWDGA history, and we hope it's the best one on your summer show lineup. Please support the SWWDGA 3 Ring Show. You are supporting youth, agriculture, and small farms.

Ticket Purchase
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  1. Tickets are $10/each or 5/$45.

  2. Ticket purchase can be made directly through PayPal by sending payment to or by submitting the form on the left. The form will generate an invoice request. You will still need to complete purchase through PayPal. (Use "Friends and Family" please.)

  3. Only 150 tickets will be sold.

  4. Fundraiser will close when final ticket is sold. Winner will be drawn within 24 hours of final ticket sale.

  5. Winner will be drawn Live on SWWDGA Facebook Page using a random number generator.

  6. Winner does not need to be present to win. Winner will be notified using contact information on PayPal.

  7. Winner may choose ONE prize package: (2) Sydell Feeders-pictured OR (1) Aluminum Milk Stand-pictured OR $450 Cash.

  8. Shipping paid by SWWGDA to winner in Continental US only.

  9. Ticket numbers may be chosen by including choices in the PayPal Memo line. In the event that a number is already claimed or no numbers are specified random numbers will be assigned.

Links to Prizes:


Tickets Bought

1. Evelyn Harry

2. Nancy O'Connor

3. Jenn Arnott

4. Heather Hoesly

5. Krista Flick

6. Andrea Schissler

7.Heather Day

8. Kristie Millson

9. Kris Hafey

10. Tracey Jones

11. Cody Briggs

12. Amy Dunning

13. Ann Moelhman

14. Kaitlin Norton

15. Nancy O'Connor

16. Pamela Hogan

17. Dixielee Davis

18. Nancy O'Connor

19. Andrea Schissler

20. Liza Mummert

21. Marsha Hickman

22. Cody Briggs

23. Stacey Collins

24. Andrianna Yoho

25. Jacki Marquart

26. Lacia Bailey

27. Jacki Marquart

28. Sarah Woodriff

29. Marsha Hickman

30. Tracey Jones

31. Evelyn Harry

32. Nancy O'Connor

33. Cody Briggs

34. Sarah Cattaneo

35. Kaitlin Norton

36. Kris Hafey

37. Kelly Spencer

38. Jenn Arnott

39. Andrianna Yoho

40. Nancy O'Connor

41. Kathleen Agostino

42. Krista Flick

43. Andrea Yoho

44. Jennifer Popham

45. Cody Briggs

46. Dixielee Davis

47. Kelly Spencer

48. Lucky Hook Farm LLC

49. Amy Dunning

50. Jennifer Popham

51. Kristie Millson

52. Lucky Hook Farm LLC

53. Sarah Cattaneo

54. Pamela Hogan

55. Heather Hoesly

56. Amy Nobles

57. Jenn Arnott

58. Mark Baden

59. Jennifer Harris

60. Kaitlin Norton

61. Jacki Marquart

62. Pamela Hogan

63. Andrea Yoho

64. Sarah Cattaneo

65. Lucky Hook Farm LLC

66. Lacia Bailey

67. Stacey Collins

68. LeRoy Satter

69. Evelyn Harry

70. Sarah Woodriff

71. Amy Dunning

72. Mark Baden

73. Andrea Schissler

74. Jennifer Popham

75. Heather Day

76. Krista Flick

77. Kelly Spencer

78. Pamela Hogan

79. Ann Moelhman

80. Jennifer Harris

81. Heather Hoesly

82. Andrea Yoho

83. Dixielee Davis

84. Ashlee Tarbox

85. Tracey Jones

86. Kris Hafey

87. Kelly Spencer

88. Hailey Vodros

89. Kristie Millson

90. Marsha Hickman

91. Andrea Schissler

92. Lacia Bailey

93. Jackie Marquart

94. Mark Baden

95. Andrianna Yoho

96. Sarah Woodriff

97.Kelly Spencer

98. Kaitlin Norton

99. Evelyn Harry

100. Dixielee Davis

101. Andrea Yoho

102. Amy Dunning

103. Krista Flick

104. Sarah Cattaneo

105. LeRoy Satter

106. Kaitlin Norton

107. Lydia Gage

108. Sarah Chapman

109. Jennifer Popham

110. Marsha Hickman

111. Sarah Woodriff

112. Heather Hoesly

113. Pamela Hogan

114. Stacey Collins

115. Mark Baden

116. Kristie Millson

117. Lucky Hook Farm LLC

118. Lacia Bailey

119. Jenn Arnott

120. Amy Nobles

121. Kris Hafey

122. Andrianna Yoho

123. Kathleen Agostino

124.Liza Mummert

125. Jennifer Popham

126. Marsha Hickman

127. Heather Hoesly

128. Ann Moelhman

129. Sarah Woodriff

130. Cody Briggs

131. Liza Mummert

132. Jacki Marquart

133. Tracey Jones

134. Sarah Cattaneo

135. Andrea Yoho

136. Mark Baden

137. Dixielee Davis

138. Amy Dunning

139. Andrea Schissler

140. Lacia Bailey

141. Krista Flick

142. Jenn Arnott

143. Pamela Hogan

144. Kristie Millson

145. Sydney Day

146. Lucky Hook Farm LLC

147. Logan Day

148. Andrianna Yoho

149. Kris Hafey

150. Evelyn Harry