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SWWDGA Officers:

President: Melinda Lupe Bratsch-Horsager 

Vice President:  Kris Hafey

Treasurer:  Judi Hoy

Secretary:  Ashlee Tarbox


Director #1:  Leroy Satter 2020-2022

Director #2:  Mark Baden 2019-2021

Director #3:  Cody Briggs 2021-2022


Fundraising Chairpersons:  


Email:  Ashlee Tarbox

Website:  Ashlee Tarbox

Links and more... -- American Dairy Goat Association -- ADGA Genetics page, search pedigrees and more! -- Northwest Oregon Dairy Goat Association Conference - GREAT classes and goat vendors! A must attend, if you can travel to Oregon City, OR the end of February! -- BioTracking - Do blood draws on your goats 30 days after breeding to confirm pregnancy!

One Day Milk Testing - Deborah E. O'Brien is an offical DHIA Supervisor with Idaho DHIA. She is willing to supervise the test at no charge to our club in order to expand DHIA/DHIR testing. Her number is 90. She is also will to train anyone interested in one of the available test programs, group, individual or owner/tester. Idaho offers testing at a much lower cost then WA DHIA but she is not suggesting nor attempting to remove any members from WA DHIA program. You may use any DRPC or lab of your choice. Please understand her goal is to expand testing not chose which state DHIA/DHIR program you belong too.
Email Deborah O'Brien for more info.

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